Katie Ledecky Dominates At US Swimming Trials winning 200m and 1500m

Katie Ledecky
Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky came out triumphant on her most exhausting night in the U.S. Olympic swimming trials as she won two totally different events. She triumphed just 70 minutes apart in the 200 meters and the 1,500 meters.

The 24-year-old won the freestyle sprint first and rushed to the practice pool to get ready for the tough 1,500 meters. The near-mile-long race is a new addition to women’s events at the Olympics.

Katie Ledecky Excelled In Both Sprint And Endurance Event

Katie Ledecky pulled it off in totally diverse events that would be unthinkable in track events. Imagine Justin Gaitlin even considering the 800 meters.

Ledecky has the top 11 timings in the 1,500 meters and she predictably dominated. Her timings of 15:40:50 were way ahead of the pack, with Erica Sullivan coming in second after nearly 11 seconds. Katie Ledecky’s timings were the fastest by any swimmer in 2021.

And when she left the pool after her third event, she had qualified for the 400 meters, the 200 meters, and 1,500 meters. And it all seemed like a normal day’s work for the brilliant swimmer.

At the domestic level, Katie Ledecky has dominated anything over 200 meters for over 7 years.

She slowly edged away from Bella Sims. The teenager set a scorching pace but then faded out. Ledecky’s timings of 1:55:11 were not her best and Ariarne Titmus of Australia had better timings of 1:53:09 at the Olympic trials.

Katie had done two events within a short span in Russia when she first swam the 1,500 freestyle followed 20 minutes later by the 200 meters. It was the reverse at the Olympic trials.

It is going to be tough at the Tokyo Olympics as several heats are scheduled in one day. Katie Ledecky said that she felt prepared for the event.

Swimming legend Michael Phelps had summed up Ledecky’s performance earlier when he said that she was recreating what was humanly possible.

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