Florida Bans 41% Of Math Textbooks For Referring To Critical Race Theory


The governor of Florida continued his degenerating policies on education as he banned 41% of the textbooks on math submitted to the state. He said that the books digressed from the subject and included references to critical race theory.

Governor Ron DeSantis said that the presence of emotional and social learning materials led him to reject several elementary textbooks. 42 of the 132 textbooks on math that were submitted for approval for use in classrooms in public schools were rejected as they allegedly incorporated tops that were prohibited or included unsolicited strategies.

Florida announced the resolution on Friday but did not divulge the specific reason for the ban. Several publishers have said that they have not received any communication from the Florida administration.

Florida has put in place a law that limits the method of teaching gender identity, social and emotional skills, and sexual orientation.

The Florida governor is also likely to go ahead with legislation that will prohibit instruction on subjects that he believes will make students uncomfortable due to their national origin, sex, and race.

Florida Governor Rejects Textbooks For Containing Social And Emotional Learning

The Florida Governor referred to the occurrence of emotional and social learning material added to the elementary textbooks that he said were rejected. He said that math was only about arriving at the correct answer and that is what children should be concentrating on. How a student feels about a problem should not come in when teaching mathematics.

One of the rejected textbooks contented lessons to develop self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. It remains unclear how these subjects could in any way inhibit the learning process of a child.

These five skill sets are popular across the US and were advanced by an education non-profit.

CASEL, the non-profit behind the concept, has defended its decision and said that academic growth goes hand-in-hand with emotional and social learning.

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