Klete Keller, Former Olympic Medalist, Pleads Guilty Regarding Capital Riot Charges

klete keller
klete keller

Klete Keller, the US Swimmer who has a gold medal in the Olympics, had admitted to being guilty of the charges regarding obstruction on the morning of Wednesday. The charges originate from the January 6th Capital Riot. WUSA 9’s Eric Flack reported the proceedings from Washington D.C.

Klete Keller Had Obstructed Official Proceedings.

Klete Keller had been accused of being an obstruction to official proceedings. The charge is a felony. Klete Keller was accused of 7 counts of these charges. With regards to the 2nd count, the athlete admitted to being guilty. As official proceeding obstructions are considered felony charges, it is expected that Keller will have to go to prison for some time.

The maximum prison time for this charge stands at 20 years. However, Klete Keller will probably not receive that many years. Flack clarifies that the penal system of the federal law does not have any parole. This means the serving time in jail is a certainty for Keller.

Keller was informed by the judge that he should expect a prison time between 21 and 27 months. But this is not an official timeframe by any means. The court is yet to evaluate the case independently and settle on the time.

Klete Keller said that he had actively blocked the police and had refused to leave Capitol Hill on 6th January. He also admitted to shouting obscenities addressed to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi while he was inside the building. He had later on disposed of the memory card and the phone where he stored the Capitol video and picture. He also admitted to disposing of the jacket from the Olympics that he was wearing at the time of the riot. Keller appeared to be remorseful over his actions.