Kawhi Leonard Declines $36M Option And Enters Free Agency!

Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard, two-time MVP in NBA Finals, declined his option of $36M with the LA Clippers. After a few weeks upon completion of his surgery on the partially torn ACL, Kawhi Leonard turned down the option of $36M with the LA Clippers. He has decided to move into free agency for the season of 2021-22. This is according to news received by Chris Haynes, Yahoo Sports reporter, from sources, present inside the league. 

The Clippers Do Not Want To Lose Kawhi Leonard To Free Agency!

According to many sources, the Clippers are trying to finalize a brand new deal with Leonard. The LA Clippers want Leonard to stay. Kawhi Leonard will be getting a salary of 35 percent of the total salary cap which amounts to $39M. This is supposed to make this decision into a very easy one. But the most coveted player of the game turned down this option. Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Clippers, is willing to pay any price for keeping Kawhi in the club. Just 2 summers ago, Steve Ballmer, the multi-millionaire, invested a lot of money to pair Paul George, fellow All-Star with Leonard. In the playoffs of 2019, Kevin Durant after coming off an injury to his Achilles left the Warriors to join the Nets in a $164M, four-year deal. 

The Nets knew beforehand that Kevin won’t be able to play the 1st season of the contract. Kawhi Leonard seems to be in the same kind of fix. The Clippers do not want to lose Leonard to free agency. They don’t want to take that risk. Lawrence Frank, President, Basketball Operations, LA Clippers said that the health of Kawhi Leonard is the top priority of the club. On Thursday, following the Clippers’ productive draft, he told the same to inquiring reporters!