Kumar Rocker, 1st-Round Draft Pick Didn’t Get Signed By The NY Mets Until Deadline!

Kumar Rocker
Kumar Rocker

The NY Mets couldn’t manage to sign Kumar Rocker, a right-hander player before the signing deadline of 5 pm ET. Kumar Rocker is the tenth overall pick inside the draft. 

Scott Boras, Agent Of Kumar Rocker Seems Optimistic About His Client’s Health!

In his statement, Zack Scott, general manager, Mets, said that this is not really the outcome that the Mets wished upon Kumar. He also wished Kumar success going forward. He also added that the club is looking forward to working with the players that they have signed. They are also excited to see the players develop and add value to the club in the coming years.

Kumar Rocker, now 21 years of age is known for his dominant playing style at Vanderbilt. He is also the most famous college player to ever play in a decade. Earlier in July, Rocker agreed to sign at a price of six million dollars. However, his decline started after that and he quickly fell across the draft boards. 

According to many sources, the agreement couldn’t be completed because of the injury that happened to the arm of Rocker. The Mets are tense over Rocker’s health and fitness. Scott Boras, agent of Kumar Rocker said that Rocker is healthy and doing quite fine. According to medical reviews provided independently by many prominent orthopedic surgeons, Rocker now appears to be in good shape and seems to be healthy.

After his collegiate season, Rocker had to undergo an MRI regarding his elbow and his shoulder. The experts found no change between the present MRI of Rocker and the one that he had in 2018. Scott Boras said that Kumar requires absolutely no medical checkups now. He will be continuing to play in the daily course.