Ralph Pittman Has Apologized To His Former Wife Drew Sidora

Ralph Pittman

In March of this year, Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora officially split from their nine years of marriage. On February 27, Drew Sidora, who has starred in The Real Housewives of Atlanta filed for divorce against Ralph Pittman, stating that he had been abusive and had cheated on her. In a recent interview with People, Ralph Pittman opened up about his role and fault in the failure of his marriage with Drew. He has also stated that he loves Drew with all his heart. He has explained marriage as a challenging journey, which is not for the faint-hearted. 

The family means everything to Ralph, he said he has been a support and strength for Drew and their children. He further stated that he has become introspective and changed himself to become a better person. Ralph has apologized for his part in the degeneration of his relationship with Drew. He has said that as time changes, he is optimistic that there will be better days in the future. 

Drew Sidora Had Opened Up About Marital Problems With Ralph Pittman

Previously in an interview with People, Drew Sidora spoke of her marital problems with Ralph Pittman. She said that with Ralph Pittman, things had reached an unbearable state and that their feud had become evident in front of the media, which was highly embarrassing. She stated that it was certainly the point of breaking their relationship. However, Drew expected a divorce that would be amicable. She said, after the divorce, she seeks her relationship with Ralph to be one of a friend, who would support and be equal partners in raising their children. Ralph’s comments come after Drew had said that she is hopeful.