Kelly Clarkson Refuses To Pay For Ex’s Montana Ranch After Divorce

kelly clarkson
kelly clarkson

Kelly Clarkson, the singer, and TV host is currently embroiled in an ugly legal divorce fight with her former manager and ex-husband. The couple has two young kids. As per earlier reports, she will be paying $150,000 monthly as spousal support.

Kelly Clarkson Will Cover Other Costs

The monthly $150,000 amount will be paid while the court is settling the divorce. On top of that, Kelly Clarkson will be paying about $45,000 monthly as child support. However, Brandon, her ex, will pay for maintaining their huge ranch in Montana. The monthly running cost is about $81,000.

The couple had paid $10,395,000 to acquire Vintage Valley in a 2019 auction, as per reports. New documents in the court revealed by The Sun show 44-year-old Brandon retired from his life in showbiz after the couple split. He wants to be a rancher full-time, although he will still be a manager for Blake Shelton, the country singer.

The court documents stated that Brandon had chosen deliberately to be a rancher. He claimed to have planned this for a substantial period. The documents further stated Brandon currently spends very little time representing his only client, Shelton. Blake is a fellow coach of Kelly Clarkson on Voice.

This week, the judge stated that Brandon should pay Montana Ranch’s recurring costs, which is his present exclusive business and residence. Kelly Clarkson had earlier asked for the termination of him being able to seek support as a spouse. However, Clarkson’s monthly income is over $1.5Mn, while Brandon earns about $10,000 monthly.

As such, the courts considered the case “complex”. Kelly Clarkson and Brandon have two children: daughter River,7, and son Remington, 5. Kelly Clarkson will cover most of the kids’ fees in their private school as well as expenses related to it. The couple had wed in 2013.