Daylight Savings Bill To Be Made Permanent

Daylight Savings
Daylight Saving

The Daylight Savings Bill could be made permanent, thereby removing the need of semiannually switching your clocks for daylight savings time. The Senate decided to pass the Sunshine Protection Act unanimously on Tuesday, which would help provide for an extension on daylight saving time from eight months of the year to even 12 months. Interestingly, this bill first made an appearance in the January of 2021 and was later reintroduced by Senator Marco Rubio, the Republican representative from Florida, along with quite a few other bipartisan members of Congress. 

It Is High Time That The Daylight Savings Bill Be Made Permanent

The need for a Daylight Savings Bill seemed imminent, with Rubio targeting the process of changing the clock continuously- along with the disruption that usually followed it. On Tuesday, he posted the question before the Senate- what was the purpose of this? This bill would help in making daylight saving time permanent throughout the country in 2023. Rep. Vern Buchanan- who previously introduced this bill the previous year, informed USA Today that he would be pushing for a letter to Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, where he would be asking for immediate consideration for the bill. 

Buchanan stated that there were quite a few health and economic benefits that came with the creation of the daylight savings bill. According to the Representative, quite a few states including Florida had already moved towards adoption throughout the year, but they couldn’t do it as they had no approval from Congress. Now, it was time that they let go of such an antiquated practice of changing their clocks twice a year. 

It can be ascertained that this move to introduce the daylight savings bill does follow public opinion. A poll that was held by the Associated Press- NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted in October discovered that only 25% of the Americans stated that they preferred to move back and forth between daylight and standard saving time. 

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