Prince Andrew Accused Of Sexual Assault

prince andrew
prince andrew

On Monday, a long-time accuser of Jeffery Epstein filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrews. She accused the Prince of multiple accusations she had already publicly lodged. This included one where she was sexually assaulted by him at 17 years old,

The Case Against Prince Andrew

Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers filed the case in the federal court of Manhattan. Epstein also received his criminal charge of sex trafficking here. A month later, he committed suicide when he was 66 years old in 2019 August. He took his life in a federal jail adjacent to the court where was awaiting trial.

This is not the first time Giuffre is leveling allegations against Prince Andrew, Epstein, and Epstein’s onetime partner Ghislaine Maxwell. However, this is her first time confronting Andrews in such an official setting. It increases the pressure on Andrew’s public relations, although courts may not be able to reach him.

In her statement, Giuffre stated that she was making Prince Andrew accountable for his actions. She said that being rich and powerful does not mean they can escape their actions’ responsibility. She hopes that the other victims can see that one can reclaim their life by demanding justice.

Near the end of 2019, Prince Andrew refuted ever having sex with Virginia Giuffre in an interview with the BBC. He claimed he never remembered meeting her. He also claimed that Giuffre’s account had several wrong things. The encounter allegedly happened in 2001.

Critics said that Prince Andrew’s comments appeared to be insensitive to the victims of Epstein. Following that, he resigned from his royal duties. Giuffre has claimed for a long time that she was recruited by Maxwell at 17 so that Epstein and Maxwell could sexually abuse her between 1999 and 2002.

Brad Edwards, known for representing several victims of Epstein, stated that Andrew has in the past failed to reply to civil lawsuits.