Kelly Price Is No Longer Missing, She Had Met With The Respective Authorities

Kelly Price
Kelly Price

Kelly Price was reported to be missing earlier this month after she was released from the hospital. He had to fight against COVID 19 for a whole month. The authorities stated that she had cleared up the issues with her attorney Monica Ewing who met with the police.

Kelly Price Was Never Missing

Kelly Price is no longer listed as a missing person on the NCIC. She and her lawyer Monica Ewing met with the detective in Georgia to clear up her status. 

Ewing stated that her name was also taken off the National Missing Persons Registry after the officials conducted a check-in tandem with legal protocols on missing persons.

Kelly Price was seen at the LAX Airport with her husband Darrell Crump. She was wearing a face mask over a face shield as she was carried through the airport with Crump.

Price stated that she was hospitalized with coronavirus and was in a critical battle for her health. She was clinically dead then. She took this chance to address all the rumors about her being missing.

Kelly Price clearly stated that she was never missing and had intentionally isolated herself from her family. She added that she does not keep regular contact with them either.

Price said that doctors and medical staff were able to revive her after she flatlined amid diminished health due to the virus.

Price said she remains to receive oxygen, and that speaking was hard to do, but she felt it important to give her account of what was going on. 

It was not clear if she was vaccinated or not. The media had asked her lawyer about such but did not receive a proper response.

Price told the media outlets that the account of her disappearance was the result of a family rift she had with her sister and others.