Kelly Price Assures Fans Of Her Well Being

Kelly Price
Kelly Price

Kelly Price has given her fans enough news to make them happy. She has announced her well-being and also updated everyone about her covid status. Kelly is a singer and loves to write her songs. She works in the R&B & Gospel. Price was raised in Queens, Far Rockaway. She always had a passion for singing. Kelly started taking her singing lessons very seriously from a tender age. She reaped rich benefits from them as she joined the church choir as a toddler. Recently, a report claimed that the star singer has gone missing. However, the legal officials of Price ensured that she is not missing. Let us learn more about the incident below.

Kelly Price On The Way To Recovery From Covid

Kelly Price was rumored to be lost. To add fuel to the controversy, the National Crime Information Center seconded this opinion. They listed the singer as missing earlier this month. However, that was not the case. Representatives of Kelly stated that she was not missing and was doing just fine. 

Unfortunately, they also shared a sad news. They stated that Price has contracted covid-19. She had a tough time coping with the adversities of the deadly virus. Price had to be admitted to a hospital where she received the required treatment. Monica Ewing was the representative of Kelly Price. She said that the singer was discharged from the hospital and is doing fine. Price is currently following a strict routine that will be aiding her to a faster recovery. 

The update on Kelly Price was promptly passed on to the police of Cobb County. Her boyfriend was also briefed about her current status. Authorities visited her house for routine checking and did not find anything to worry about.