Ken Buck Lambasted ‘Ignorance’ And ‘Hatefulness’ Of The ‘America First Caucus’

Ken Buck
Ken Buck

Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif, Minority Leader was joined by Ken Buck, GOP Republican issuing a rebuke of this platform on Friday. Ken Buck, Rep-Colo, lambasted the ignorance and hatefulness of the policy platform of the ‘America First Caucus’ on Friday. Buck said that the platform’s statement which reeks of hatefulness can only be surpassed by the ignorance of the values and history of the platform.

Ken Buck Condemns The Platform

He quotes a tweet from Punchbowl News which reported that this particular platform would defend the political traditions of Anglo-Saxon among their other priorities. Ken Buck added that he is condemning not the tweet of Punchbowl News but this caucus that has been formed newly.

McCarthy tweeted that the idea of America is that all of the people are created equal who have to earn success through hard work and honesty. America is not built on religion, race, or identity. He said that his party is Lincoln’s party and is also the party that provides a lot of opportunity for all the people of America. It does not provide dog whistles of nativists.

This platform has leaders such as Paul Gosar, Republican-Ariz, and Marjorie Greene, Republican-Ga. Greene said that on Friday, evil and sick POS inside the media was attacking her with phrases which she has never written or said. They released one draft proposal of staff-level from an external group which she has failed to read.

The liars and scum inside the media appear to be calling her a racist through changing the meaning of what she said, she was heard in an interview. She said that she will be running the agenda of America First with her Congressional colleagues and won’t be letting the media push a fake narrative.