Scott Rudin To Step Back Due To Abuse Allegations

Scott Rudin
Scott Rudin

Scott Rudin, a powerful producer is facing accusations of intimidation and abuse which goes several decades back. He will have to “step back” and get out from Broadway due to several allegations regarding his abusive nature inside the workplace which goes several decades back, according to the Post. Scott Rudin apologized and acknowledged the massive pain inflicted by him. He also talked about taking steps that he was required to take years ago for addressing his behavior.

Does Scott Rudin Have Any Regrets?

The famous producer of Broadway said that many facts have been presented regarding his history of conflicting interactions with all of his colleagues. He apologized for the pain that his behavior has inflicted on people, indirectly and directly. Scott Rudin also noted that he will be stepping back and not actively participating in inside productions on Broadway.

He asked other people from the community of Broadway to fill his roles. However, it was reported by the Post that his statement never included anything about his upcoming film projects like the psychological thriller which will be released next month on Netflix.

Sometime this month, a reporter from Hollywood published the article detailing all the allegations of Scott’s long-standing nature of abuse in the workplace. The report also cited both named and unnamed sources who recorded the nightmarish behavior of Rudin towards employees.

In the year 2012, one incident records some staffers alleging that the producer who won a lot of awards smashed the monitor of a computer on the hand of one assistant. The assistant was taken to their emergency room. Apparently, he lost his mind over one failed effort which was supposed to get him a seat on one flight which was sold out.

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