Jim Banks Lashes Out At Pelosi For The Capitol Attacks Committee

Jim Banks
Jim Banks

Jim Banks lashed out heavily at Nancy Pelosi for the Capitol Riots. Banks is a Republican politician. This was a significant development considering recent happenings. Banks was a part of the investigation committee for the attack at the capitol. Pelosi however, removed him and one of his fellow Republicans on Wednesday. 

Jim Banks Promises To Find The Truth Behind The Capitol Riot

Jim Banks seemed to be furious immediately after he was removed from the committee. Pelosi removed the Republican from the committee that was investigating the attacks. An enraged Banks vented out his frustration at the move. 

He promised to find out the truth behind the attacks despite not being on the committee. Banks was selected by Kevin McCarthy as a member of the committee. He stated that this move from the Democrats further proved them guilty. He claimed that the Democrats had political intentions behind the deadly attacks. An angry Jim told the news that he was very much disappointed with Pelosi’s statement. He represented his country in Afghanistan earlier. 

McCarthy revealed his plans of forming a separate GOP panel. This panel will investigate the attacks neutrally. Questions have been raised on Nancy Pelosi. She is being accused to have delayed the guards’ deployment. He further stated that the Democrats were fearful. The Republicans believed the at the root of the attacks was Pelosi. 

The Democrats, however, strongly denied these claims. Drew Hammill clarified that Pelosi was not responsible for the delay. All the allegations were Republicans’ conspiracy for diverting the blame. 

Jim Banks was hopeful for a GOP -led investigation. The panel is supposed to comprise Rodney Davis, Troy Nehls, Jordan & Kelly Armstrong. It is not yet decided whether any further inclusions will be made or not. Banks seemed focused. He vowed to find the answers that the Democrats had so far allegedly denied.