Billionaire George Soros Withdraws Tesla Stake 

George Soros

Hungarian-American business tycoon George Soros has sold his whole stake in Tesla, Inc. which he had acquired just last year. The 92-year-old billionaire’s firm started buying shares in the second half of  2022 and kept increasing its holding throughout the year.

As per a filing by the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 12, the Soros Fund Management, George Soros’s family office has sold Tesla shares of $16 million, between the months of January to March. Soros has certainly made a profit from his recent selling of Tesla shares, however, the exact date of the transactions is not known. 

The Bloomberg Billionaire Index has estimated George Soros’s net worth at $8.5 billion and he is the 162nd richest person according to Forbes. Soros had donated over $32 billion to the Open Society Foundations.

Soros bought shares from Ford and is known for endorsing the EV industry and companies. The Soros Fund however, has reduced its stake in leading tech companies such as Amazon, Alphabet, Intuit, and Salesforce in the first quarter of 2023. The Soros Fund reportedly sold its Rivian shares worth $10.8 million.

George Soros Death Rumors 

Since Sunday, May 14, a false post on Twitter claiming that George Soros is dead started trending on social media. The Twitter post from a fake account falsely claimed that the billionaire had died after a heart attack and that they had received the news from George’s family. Soon concerned netizens started enquiring all over social media. On May 15, a spokesperson of Soros commented to Reuters that George Soros is healthy and alive and that the social media post regarding his death is a false one.