Kenny Pickett Steelers Squander Lead Yet Close Out Colts

Kenny Pickett 
Kenny Pickett 

The Steelers’ eleven-play, seventy-five-yard touchdown drive that spanned the end of said q3 and the beginning of the 4th quarter on Monday evening proved crucial in their 24-17 victory over the Indianapolis on a night if both offenses battled at times to keep any momentum.

The Steelers and Kenny Pickett dominated the Colts 16-3 at ht thanks to rookie qb Kenny Pickett of Steelers and their strong ground attack, and despite the Colts’ brief recovery, it wasn’t enough to overturn the Steelers’ lead.

Under interim head coach, Indianapolis (4-7-1) has defeated two straight games while the Pittsburgh (4-7) has won two of their previous three.

The Steelers scored early for the 2nd consecutive week in a straight, but their lead was swiftly lost due to a subpar second half effort. However, the Steelers managed to win another time. The Steelers had a 0-6 record when behind going into the 4th quarter prior to Monday night. When lagging after 3 quarters this campaign, only the Rams (0-7) have suffered more defeats without a victory.

Kenny Pickett Helped Steelers Win Over The Colts:

After ht, the Kenny Pickett’s Steelers’ advantage vanished as the Indianapolis and Matt Ryan gained 152 q3 yards as the Steelers were unable to carry the ball. While the Steelers continued to struggle with their red zone accuracy and allowing up huge plays all through the contest, they were able to secure the victory by holding the Colts on 4th-and-three and forcing a fumble on offs with 30 secs left.

The Colts’ memories of this game will include a terrible 1st half as well as some odd field position later in the game. It was amazing how slowly Indianapolis got going. It was the 3rd occasion this campaign that a club was stopped to 0 yards or less in the first quarter, with the Colts accounting for 2 of those occurrences. The Colts were down 16-3 at ht when they finally woke up from their nap.