Evan Corcoran Has Saved Himself From A Mar-A-Lago Case

Evan Corcoran

The former attorney of Donald Trump, Evan Corcoran, took the decision to recuse himself from representing the former president in the investigation that has been levied against him for the Mar-A-Lago documents.

A couple of sources close to the matter did inform CNN about this development. The exit of Corcoran, which was initially reported by the Washington Post, was also quite an expected development after the office of the special counsel Jack Smith forced him to testify without the added protection of attorney-client privilege in front of the grand jury- and prosecutors accused the former President of utilizing the attorney to advance this crime. Interestingly, despite Corcoran recusing himself from the Mar-a-Lago probe a few weeks ago, he is still representing the former President on a few other matters- which includes the investigation of the Capitol Riots. 

Evan Corcoran Has Recused Himself From Representing Trump

As it stands, Evan Corcoran could still be representing Donald Trump in the case of the document as he has already testified to the judiciary. It has not yet been made clear how valuable the testimony and evidence that he provided to the grand jury would be for the prosecutors. Corcoran has already testified a couple of times before the grand jury, as well as turned over the documents. The defense attorney of Corcoran also refused to comment when asked. The campaign spokesman for Donald Trump, Steven Cheung stated that the unnamed sources had absolutely no idea as to what was actually going on. 

Evan Corcoran had first appeared before the grand jury in January- but had completely refused to answer the questions that would have leaked his advice to Trump, as well as the conversations- where he cited attorney-client privilege. The prosecutors were further prompted to take the step of fighting in court to force him to respond.