At least 45 arrested after protesters throw explosives and rocks at police in Seattle, authorities say

Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

Seattle has had quite an explosive time with the rallies turning incredibly violent. In a series of tweets, the police officials mentioned that the protestors threw large rocks, fireworks, and bottles at the cops. They also set fire to a construction site and a trailer. The police ve also mentioned that close to 45 people have been arrested for trying to assault or obstruct the law from taking its natural course. Around 21 officers have been injured from these projectiles- but most of them have returned. But one officer is still hospitalized with a leg injury following an explosion.

The police have started calling the protests a riot. And the Seattle protestors have captured a six-block area in their protest against police brutality and systematic racism. The zone has been called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, which has been the headquarters of the protestors asking for justice for the death of George Floyd. While the police were able to clear the area back on the 1st of July, the death of a protestor three days later sparked a new wave of protests.