Ketanji Brown Jackson Gave A Speech After Her Supreme Court Confirmation

ketanji brown jackson
ketanji brown jackson

Ketanji Brown Jackson gave a speech as a sign of her historic win in the White House this Friday and was seen celebrating at the event. The White House released her remarks where she thanked each and every one. She showed her gratitude to Joe Biden, the President of America, and stated that she was honored to be standing there in front of her beautiful family and friends. She even acknowledged the fact that most of the members are her friends and also thanked other distinguished members, guests, and all the citizens of the country. 

Ketanji Brown Jackson Thanked Everyone For Supporting Her Throughout The Journey 

She stated that people have heard a lot about her in these few weeks and got to know many things from her mouth. Thus, the only thing that was left for her to do was thank everyone for supporting her and helping her get past this extremely difficult journey. 

Ketanji Brown Jackson mentioned that she has a lot of people to thank for her achievement and at that moment she was finding it hard to express her true feelings to the audience. She thanked God first for giving her this life and also for being with her throughout the whole nomination process. She admitted that she was totally driven by faith and is blessed as many people prayed for her and the confirmation. 

Ketanji Brown Jackson then thanked Joe Biden for believing in her and bestowed this opportunity to her where she can serve the country efficiently. She then thanked the Vice President, Kamala Harris for her steady and wise suggestions and counsel. 

At last, she thanked all the Senate members who gave her good advice as a part of their constitutional function under the leader of the party Schumer and the Senate Judiciary Committee members who acted in her favor under leader Durbin.