Ketanji Brown Jackson: What’s In Store For Supreme Court Nominee

ketanji brown
ketanji brown

On Friday, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Joe Biden. Though Biden selected her, the Senate must approve her as stated in the Constitution. Following this process, in the upcoming weeks, all the personal and professional aspects of her life will be scrutinized by the public and the Senate based on which questioning lines will be prepared for her hearing within the Senate Judiciary Committee.

She already won Senate Confirmation three times, after which Biden nominated her for the D.C. Circuit in the Court of Appeals. The confirmation of Ketanji Brown would be heroic with 6-3 votes, and if she wins, she will be the first African -American woman to be a part of the Supreme Court.  

The Entire Process of Confirmation of Ketanji Brown

In the words of Dick Howard, a former clerk in the Supreme Court and a current professor of the University of Virginia School of Law stated that the nominee’s race would play a vital role in the process of confirmation. The voting process will be lengthy as after the questioning by 22 members, the whole Senate will decide by voting.

In the views of the Congressional Research Service, the entire process takes 68.2 days from the nomination to the last Senate vote. However, as per Republican Howard, the process will be intentionally delayed to make it harder for Ketanji Brown. In the hearing of the Judicial Committee, she will be questioned about life, which the people expect to be a fiery show.

Most of the questions will be based on controversial topics like immigration, Roe v. Wade, climate change, gun control, and many more. This questioning process lasts four days, and then the candidate is announced either ‘unfavorable’ or ‘favorable’. Justice Stephan Breyer will retire from his session at the end of the vote.

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