Chinese President Xi Jinping Wants Cooperation With North Korea

xi jinping
xi jinping

In the reports of KCNA, the state media of North Korea, the Chinese President Xi Jinping wanted cooperation between the two countries and felt that it was very significant at this time. President Xi Jinping sent a message to the North Korean President, Kim Jong-un, stating that China has decided to work with North Korea to strengthen and establish the relation of China-DPRK with reasonable cooperation, partnership, and friendship.

North Korea is officially known as The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). However, KCNA did not give much importance to this message, and this ‘new situation’ was not elaborated further. 

Xi Jinping’s Efforts To Strengthen Ties Is Respected By Kim

This message from President Xi Jinping was shared as a response to the congratulatory remark of the President of North Korea on the Beijing Winter Olympics Games. As per KCNA, Kim even sent a verbal congratulation message to China after successfully carrying out the games. In addition, Kim was also seen vowing to China to collaborate and strengthen their ties. This would help them deal with the possible threats from the U.S. and their alliances.

Though North Korea did not participate in the Olympics game, Kim stated that risks from the pandemic and ‘hostile forces’ prevented them from attending. The athletes of North Korea could not compete in the Summer Olympics held in Tokyo last year as the country could not send a qualified team due to risks from Covid-19. For years, it has been known that China has been the only backbone of North Korea as they share a strong ally from the moment these two signed a treaty in 1961.