Hurricane Ida Causes Heavy Flood In Philadelphia

Hurricane Ida
Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on Philadelphia on Wednesday. The area has been submerged under the water since then. The storm has caused heavy floods in Philadelphia and adjacent areas. Suburban areas of Pennsylvania also experienced heavy waterlogging. The flooding is speculated to be the heaviest in recent years. Parts of New Jersey also felt the wrath of Hurricane Ida. The flood occurred due to the overflowing of River Schuylkill. The crest was estimated to be 16.35ft. This was the second-highest crest record with 17ft being the highest. The highest crest was recorded almost one hundred and fifty years ago. Let us have a detailed account of Hurricane Ida below.

Hurricane Ida Responsible For Flooding 

Philadelphia has always remained an area prone to floods. The residents were issued warnings as early as Thursday. The warnings came true in the region of Manayunk. Water levels rose to a great extent as time went by. The situation became so much worse that people could not get out of their houses. Several cars were spotted submerged under the water. People residing at the Main Street apartments were cornered. They were later rescued by the officials.  

Fortunately for the citizens, the water levels began to decrease over time. As per the latest reports, the Schuylkill water levels have started to go back to normal. The expressway in Vine Street, Center City was also heavily submerged under the water. An important station could not pump out the water properly which led to the flooding, stated the officials. 

Hurricane Ida has done a lot of damage as it swept along. Apart from the flooding, many trees were uprooted due to the storm. The fallen trees were also largely responsible for blocking the smooth passage of water. Crews were spotted working very hard to restore the city to its normalcy.