Lollapalooza Packs Chicago As Soon As It Begins


Lollapalooza, the music festival that happens over 4 days in Grant Park of Chicago is fully packed from 29th July to 1st August. Thursday observed crowds packing into the Grant Park, dancing and making mosh pits on Lollapalooza’s first day, which happens to be the largest music festival to be held in Chicago. 

Grant Park is likely to observe the crowds being set across the weekend. This would need the people attending the concert to inculcate new protocols for protecting their health amid the concerns regarding a continuous rise in the cases of COVID-19. Lollapalooza is taking place at an hour when Chicago is witnessing a substantial rise, almost as much as double the number of average cases of COVID-19 in a day. Nevertheless, the music festival is supported by both Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of Chicago, and the top doctor of the city.

Lollapalooza To Affect The Covid Cases?

Lollapalooza was gladly accepted by authorities in Chicago because of their policies which mandated negative tests or vaccinations for the attendees. Although this added a certain complexity to the situation, it was said to be manageable keeping in mind the safety of the people. Dr. Allison Arwady, Commissioner of Public Health in the Chicago Department, seemed more worried about the people who chose not to avail of the vaccine. Mayor Lightfoot denied having any regrets on allowing Lollapalooza to take place, despite using the press conference to notify and issue a warning to the residents about the chances of increased mitigations if the metrics were to spike.

To gain entry into the concert, the attendees would have to carry a printed copy of the card of COVID vaccine, a negative test for coronavirus latest done by 72 hours before entry, or the record of vaccination. The FBI has issued a warning to people about faking the record card for vaccination.