Stimulus Check 2023: Will June Bring New Stimulus Checks?

stimulus check

The final state-issued stimulus checks may be released when the money has been distributed to residents of New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The few states that are still providing assistance to citizens now focus their efforts more. 

The major reasons why the federal and local governments initially disbursed stimulus cheques must always be kept in mind. It was done to a larger extent to keep the economy and Americans afloat. Americans who make low to moderate salaries and live paycheck to paycheck were badly affected by the unprecedented total economic shutdown. 

They had no other means of income. Therefore they were immediately put in danger of starving to death.  

Due to inflation from the previous year and a budget surplus, multiple states are still providing stimulus checks and tax refunds. Here is a list of every state that will receive a stimulus check in June. Along with guidelines on how to apply for them and the amounts that go along with them. 

Which States Will Get Stimulus Checks? 


Breathe, a Guaranteed Stimulus Check Program may be able to offer residents in LAC, California payments of $1,000 per month for two years.  Contact the California Tax Franchise Board for the criteria.


Georgia residents who filed both their 2021 and 2020 income tax returns should have received their stimulus check amounts by May 2022, depending on their filing status.


Taxpayers can receive a cheque for roughly 14% of the total amount of state taxes owed. Those who turned in their 2021 taxes by the 17th of Oct of the preceding year received refunds in December.

New Jersey

According to New Jersey’s estimated amount, those who owned homes in 2019 and had combined earnings of $160,000 or less will receive stimulus checks of $1,500 via the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program this year. This amount is based on 2019 earnings and whether or not citizens had been homeowners or renters this specific year. 


A law that was approved in May requires the Minnesota Dept. of Taxes to send direct rebate payments to qualified residents.