Death On The Nile Stars Arnie Hammer And Gal Gadot

Death On The Nile
Death On The Nile

Death On The Nile is based on the 1937 Agatha Christie classic. It is a thriller mystery full of emotional mess and the fatal consequences following obsessive love. Death On The Nile is directed by Kenneth Branagh. 

Death On The Nile features a star-studded lineup. Gal Gadot, Tom Bateman, Rose Leslie, Letitia Wright, Emma Mackey, Russell Brand, Armie Hammer, Annette Bening, and more. 

Hercule Poirot (played by Branagh), a private investigator, decided to visit Egypt on a luxury riverboat for a vacation. Things take a drastic turn when the perfect couple’s (Armie Hammer and Gal Gadot) honeymoon was cut short. 

In 2019, 65mm Panavision had been used to capture the beauty of Egypt and the magnificent Giza Pyramids. 

Death On The Nile Star Armie Hammer’s Scandal

Early 2021, Armie Hammer was caught in an Insta message scandal which escalated into several allegations of abuse. Armie vehemently denied them. The scandal resulted in Hammer being let go by his publicist and agency. He was also dropped from various projects.

Disney did not drop Armie citing COVID-19 and pandemic restrictions. Reshooting the film or changing it digitally is not an option since the storyline is intricate and the number of characters is huge. 

The Hollywood Reporter said Disney will not consider shelving or selling off Death On The Nile. Disney believes it would be disrespectful to the actors and staff.

The newly released trailer does feature Armie Hammer but his presence is not as highlighted as Gal Gadot’s. Disney’s Death On The Nile is set to be released on February 11, 2022.