Kim Scott’s Suicide Attempt Leaves Everyone Baffled

Kim Scott
Kim Scott

This incident was quite significant as it happened just days after the death of Scott’s mother. Kathleen Sluck was the mother of Scott. She was 65 years of age at the time of her death. It was a very unfortunate incident to lose her in this manner. Sluck passed away on 23rd July. Kathleen was a magnificent parent for her daughters. She was also very much excited to become the grandmother. The funeral was supposed to be held on 29th July. 

Kim Scott has been reported to have attempted suicide. The news came in after her mother passed away recently. Scott was married to Eminem but the couple separated. According to the Daily Beast, Scott was taken to a hospital in Michigan. Scott was found to be behaving strangely in front of the police on 30th July. The medical team present found it extremely difficult to contain her. Security officials had to step up to the occasion. The ex-wife of Eminem was found at her house with severe injuries. She had deep wounds on the backside of her leg. The floor was covered with blood as well. 

Kim Scott Attempts To End Life After Mother’s Demise

Kim Scott was 46 years old. She had been married to the famous popstar Eminem earlier. Scott was rushed to the hospital after being found with severe wounds. Fortunately, her situation has been reported to be stable. She is said to be undergoing her recovery at the comfort of her home. However, her physical and mental evaluations will be conducted soon. 

Kim Scott and Eminem got married in 1999. However, after a couple of years, their relationship did not work out. The pair got separated in 2001. The couple shares a daughter named Hailie Jade. Scot had earlier purposefully tried to kill herself by driving her car straight into a pole.