Kissing Booth 3 Review

Kissing Booth 3
Kissing Booth 3

Kissing Booth 3 has been released on Netflix. The romantic comedy movie stars Molly Ringwald & Joey King. The film was hyped up to a great extent. It did perform well according to expectations. The storytelling, acting, and casts were absolutely on point. Discussed below are some takeaways from the film.

Kissing Booth 3: Good Or Bad?

The film is a portrayal of a series of books written by Beth Reekles. The recently launched movie was the final edition of the romantic trilogy. The story mainly focuses on the lifestyles of teenagers. The movie deals with a bunch of teen people who have a liking for drinking and sex. 

The film portrays college kids making sexual content, retiring to bed like married couples, etc. Depiction of Sexuality was a very common occurrence during 1980. Almost every genre of teenage comedy involved sexual interpretations. 

Elle Evans is the heroine of the film. She was first seen to be involved in a love triangle. Story writers complicated her angle more and more with each sequel. The final sequel sees her involved with six different male characters. The sixth character starts with her best friend and boyfriend. She got attracted to her best friend’s new friends. The third edition also shows her involvement with one of her boyfriend’s friends. The only quality he possessed was that he was rich. 

Kissing Booth 3 would have been more of a hit if the directors did not try to change too many things. The opening storyline should have been maintained for the sequel as well. Elle, Lee & Noah plans to stay back at the beach house. This is where all their fun starts. From pool parties to bikinis, the teens seem to be having the fun of their life. But the directors thought otherwise. The Kissing Booth 3 changed its course. It portrays Elle as a failure. She is unable to please anyone despite her efforts. This somehow dampened the plot and made the movie less exciting than it was hyped to be. 

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