Kirk Cameron Protested Stay-At-Home Orders In His Caroling Event

Kirk Cameron
Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron, child star, organized around 100 people, most of them were without their masks and did not intend to practice social distancing in S.California on Tuesday night for singing carols. 50 years old devout Christian, Cameron promoted this event which occurred in a parking lot of a mall in California’s Thousand Oaks on the social network in advance like he promoted his previous Christma caroling event proclaiming it as a peaceful protest on December 13th.

Videos By Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron from the TV sitcom “Growing Pains” organized this event for protesting the order of stay-at-home given by Gov. Newsom. In his Instagram video of December 11th, Kirk said that if people love Christmas, if they love liberty and if they love God, they will attend this event. Cameron stated that America is the home of brave people and the land of free people and millions of people wants to express gratitude and sing instead of suffering in isolation. He claimed of giving hope to people. In his earlier shared video on Instagram, there were many people standing closely and singing without masks.

Both these events happened at a time when California’s COVID-19 cases have increased. On Tuesday, California registered 1.9M cases with 22,000 deaths. Captain Eric Buschow, spokesman, Sheriff’s Office, Ventura County said that people singing Carols only for around two hours call themselves protesters or activists. Counter-protesters are accusing Kirk Cameron of hosting this event which is a super-spreader, which Eric said had occurred from 5 to 7 pm. There were no citations and no arrests.

Oaks Mall said that they don’t condone the irresponsible but constitutionally protected protest planned event. They further stated that they have already notified the office of the sheriff and is sharing their concern. Captain Dean Worthy, Sheriff’s Office said that this event happened some days after around twenty protesters without their masks tried walking into a market beside the mall.