Nancy Pelosi Slammed By Kevin McCarthy For “Selective Hearing”

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader, House accused Nancy Pelosi, Speaker and many other Democrats of “selective hearing” on Wednesday night following President Trump’s call to Congress for raising Covid-19 stimulus checks to $2000 from $600.McCarthy tweeted that while ignoring Trump’s call of reexamining tax dollars that are being wasted overseas while many American people are struggling. He urged Republicans for acting to put their nation first.

In a letter to the fellow Republicans, Kevin claimed that Republicans tried passing a relief bill over 40 times and were unsuccessful because Nancy Pelosi tried using the people of America as leverage for making the relief contingent upon government funding that includes around billions in foreign aid at a moment when more urgent needs are present at home.McCarthy further asked Republicans to follow the lead of their President and go for reexamining the way tax money is being spent overseas amidst a pandemic that is wreaking havoc on their country for about a year.

Nancy Pelosi Demands McCarthy To Accept Larger Stimulus Checks

McCarthy said that the top priority of their government is ensuring that their small businesses, communities, and families get through the pandemic and also restoring the country. In Trump’s video on Tuesday night, he blasted the item of foreign aid in the bill which includes $134 million for assistance to Burma,$85.5M to Cambodia, and other amounts for other countries. It also includes domestic allocations which Trump termed as “unnecessary and wasteful items”.Trump said that being a coronavirus relief bill, it is far from Covid.

McCarthy wrote that Speaker Nancy Pelosi should decide whether to act for the people of America or not. On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi criticized Trump as he voiced his opinions and concerns after the bill was negotiated and sent to him. Pelosi commented that at the last minute, the President is threatening to veto the bipartisan agreement.