Transgendered Policy And Critical Race Theory Being Pushed In A School District!

Critical Race Theory
Critical Race Theory

A school district in Virginia is under tremendous pressure following claims of critical race theory and transgender policy being pushed in a school meeting. Chaos erupted following a public comment made inside a board meeting this week. The meeting was over claims that policy regarding transgenders and the critical race theory is being pushed inside the classroom. This turmoil came to an end after one person got charged and arrested because of disorderly conduct while another person was charged with trespassing. 

Critical Race Theory Didn’t Appear To Be On The Agenda Of The Meeting!

The public schools meeting of Loudoun County included one item in their agenda. That item was to discuss their new policy regarding transgenders. This attracted a huge crowd of community members and parents who protested while saying that the school should be shameful for introducing this. According to the officials of the school, around 251 people signed up on the sheet for public comments. The critical race theory didn’t appear to be on their agenda. But community members and parents urged the district to make their teachers undergo diversity training before teaching inside that district. 

The parents want a detailed discussion on the concept with their teachers which will be later taught to all the school students. The board of the school also got criticized after they proposed a policy regarding allowing transgender or gender-expansive students to use their original chosen name while using gender pronouns. The policy also mentions that transgender or gender-expansive school students use their choice of restrooms. That must be aligned with the gender identity asserted by them. The controversy also put the Public Schools of Loudoun County inside the spotlight of the whole nation.