Biden Speech After Completing The First 100 Days

Biden Speech
Biden Speech

The first Biden speech to the US Congress was delivered by the American President this Wednesday. It was quite clear that the speech was an unscripted one and that it came directly and organically from the President. He used the platform to urge the legislators of the country to help him pass the economic agenda of multi-trillion dollars.

Biden Speech: Turning “Setbacks Into Strength” 

The President, through his Biden speech, kept it perfectly balanced between pragmatism and optimism. This was with regard to the subject of the coronavirus pandemic. The President celebrated the successful flight of the country against the pandemic and also mentioned the easy availability of vaccines throughout the country. The economic aid provided to those citizens who struggled a lot was also talked about. However, the Joe Biden speech acknowledged the fact that there is so much that still needs to be done although a bulk has already been done. 

The Democratic President stated that the United States of America had already moved forward from the negative situation. He further stated that there is still so much to be done in order to restore the economy of the country. And also to strengthen the faith in democratic principles. The Joe Biden speech did not ignore the fact that the country and the world were going through the highest point of infection as of now.

The President mentioned a number of crises his administration had to go through. They include the coronavirus pandemic, the violent Capitol riot that broke out, and the economic downfall of the country. The Joe Biden speech acknowledged the Capitol riot as the “worst attack” on the democracy of the country since the American civil war. The President claimed that after 100 days of taking over the office, he had been successful in achieving so much. He stated that the country is getting up after getting knocked down and that is the spirit of the country.

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