Kris Wu Detained In Beijing Under Allegations Of Rape

kris wu
kris wu

The Beijing police have gone ahead and detained Kris Wu, the Canadian-Chinese popstar on allegations of rape. The detainment of Wu took place on Saturday after a 19-year-old student accused the rapper of raping her a couple of years ago. The allegations brought about massive condemnation of the rapper on Chinese social media, which immediately led to several luxury brands dropping their deals with him. In his defense, the rapper has denied the claims. 

Kris Wu Detained Over Rape Charges

The Beijing police stated that Kris Wu was criminally detained on accusations of rape, in response to information that had permeated on the internet about him luring young women for sexual intimacy. The statement concluded- giving no details further. Unsurprisingly, the news of the rapper’s detention was the most trending topic on Weibo a few nights back, with several users asking for the rapper to leave China and never come back. 

The Communist Party also got involved with the incident, with the People’s Daily, the official paper of the political party, mentioning that Kris Wu wouldn’t be having any immunity just because he was a foreign national, no matter how big his name was in the rapping industry. Wu was previously well-known for being a member of EXO- a famous K-pop boyband, before he left in 2014 to start a new solo career as an actor, singer, model, and reality show judge. 

The accuser published her allegations against Kris Wu on social media last month, and according to an interview, she was actually supposed to meet the rapper for a career opportunity. His staff made her drink, but due to her low tolerance to alcohol, she quickly became inebriated and woke up the next day in his bed. While Wu initially proposed to being in a relationship with her, he soon stopped responding to her messages. 

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