Kristen Bell Brought The Good Place Into A Restaurant Table

kristen bell

The Good Place cast reunited. Couldn’t it be any more perfect?

Kristen Bell, D’Arcy Carden, and William Jackson Hopper made it to the restaurant. They finally made time for each other. Otherwise, it could have been like one of those things when you promise to reach out but due to given circumstances, you failed to keep your promises.

Bell’s husband Dax Shepherd gushed in the comment section more than fans. Hence shows who is the fan here. He gave a huge fanboy moment to everyone. However, fans weren’t surprised to see that either. 

Kristen Bell Had So Much Confidence In Her Co-stars

Kristen Bell was shooting for The People We Hate At The Wedding. She was joined by D’Arcy Carden. The director asked her opinion before casting Carden. Her immediate reaction was Duh. How is it even something to ask? Kristen Bell has more confidence in Carden. Kristen further shared how Carden is one of those close friends of hers.

She knows Carden very well. Both of them were at The Good Place. 

The show allowed Kristen Bell to be a better person in reel and in real life.

They all bonded over the show. Prior to the final episode, they all had a sleepover at Danson’s house. Their friendship grew tight-knit.

Kristen Bell’s husband wrote in the photo of three she posted on Instagram. She captioned it Lunch with my loves with three yellow hearts, signifying joy and newness.

Dax Shepherd wrote it was indeed surprising for him to witness so much hotness at one table. The good thing was it didn’t burst into flames. He addressed those three as collective hotness.

Dax Shepherd made a small cameo in season 2 of The Good Place alongside her wife Kristen Bell.