Simone Biles Opens Up About Her Mental Health Issues

Simone Biles
Simone Biles

4-times Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles believes that she should have quit before the Tokyo Olympics. She withdrew from several events as she struggled with her mental health during the games.

In an interview, Simone Biles revealed that after everything she had to endure during the past 7 years, quitting before the Olympics would have been the right decision. It was a time when Larry Nassar was big news for a couple of years.

She had suppressed the memories since she was 6. She says that she was not going to let those overwhelm her. But finally, her body and mind gave way.

Simone Biles had been on track to win 6 gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics. She also had a shot at being the first woman in more than 50 years to win the all-around gold back-to-back.

Simone Biles Ready To Talk About Her Tokyo Ordeal

A couple of months post the Tokyo Olympics, Simone Biles is finally ready to open up about the events that led to her withdrawal from most events.

She spoke about being afflicted by ‘twisties.’ Events over the past several years cumulated in the sudden collapse of her composure and mental health at the games.

Simon Biles believes that quitting way before the 2020 Olympics would have been the right thing to do.

Her withdrawal from the all-around event after just one vault stunned the world. She later said that it was the ‘twisties’ that overwhelmed her. She was referring to a disconnect between an athlete’s body and mind. This causes a loss of muscle memory.

A momentary lapse in gymnastics can cause a serious accident. During a vault, Biles could not keep track of her routine, nor could she detect the floor. It was her strength and fortitude that saved her from a serious accident.

She realized that she had suddenly lost what it takes and quit immediately. Simone Biles had been one of the victims of the abuse of Larry Nassar. He had abused 100s of girls using his position as the team doctor of USA Gymnastics.

At times she thinks that she has managed to leave it all behind. But then the past comes back to haunt and overwhelm her. She suffered a complete breakdown.

She doesn’t want to change anything and believes that every event has a reason attached to it. The events of the past few weeks have given her courage, resilience, and the ability to refuse and speak up for herself.

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