Pro Trumpster Actress And Anti-Vac. Advocate Kristy Swanson In Hospital With COVID-Related Pneumonia

Kristy Swanson

The star of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Kristy Swanson was in the hospital with pneumonia that was related to COVID complications. The news was broken by the actress, aged 51, through her Twitter thread.

In her first message, the actress appealed for prayers for her. She tweeted that she was taken in an ambulance to Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly, New Jersey, where she has been admitted for pneumonia.

She said that she was under the support of oxygen but was in great hands and good spirits.

She later clarified in another tweet that the virus had spread to her lungs. She informed me that she was being treated with blood thinners and Baricitinib. She was all praise for the doctors and nursing staff of the hospital.

People Have Pointed Out Kristy Swanson’s Past Anti-Vaccination Stance

Kristy Swanson received numerous messages of support. Fellow actors Alyssa Milano, Josh Gad, and Jon Cryer sent her messages of support. But people have also pointed that she had been a regular anti-mask campaigner and had also espoused the use of vaccination on the social media handle.

She has been a rabid opponent of COVID-19 experts and Fauci and has been a staunch Trump supporter.

Even recently the actress, a vocal conservative had posted messages supporting the GOP gubernatorial contender Glenn Youngkin. She has tweeted messages spewing conspiracy theories.

One person wrote that he prayed that Kristy Swanson got well enough so that she could apologize to her caregivers, and also for increasing their problems by refusing to get vaccinated.

The person also said that she should now advocate the use of vaccines and tell them not to repeat the mistake made by her.

Kristy Swanson only replied that her medical and COVID history was not public and people should wait before making comments. But she did not confirm her vaccination status.

She has reiterated that she had never been anti-vaccine. She had recently accused the media and the workers union of being anti-conservative after her recent project was shut down due to a lack of safety protocols.

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