Kyle Guy Scores Brilliant Closing Point Against Golden State

Kyle Guy
Kyle Guy

Kyle Guy during Sacramento’s game while competing with the Warriors he started off passing an inbound with only six seconds remaining. The King team was lagging and required a win that was once brought by them to 19. 

He performed exceedingly and he finished off with 20 during 21 minutes for a productive 7 to 11. Kyle Guy and the team scored with 29.8 seconds remaining for a time-out. This was one of the most underappreciated moves for the season. In search of a bucket, Kyle received the ball via a fellow outside. He played for the throw while the defenders closed in.

Kyle Guy’s Phenomenal Plays

The coach for the Kings, Luke Walton stated that Kyle’s actions hyped up his team members and instilled confidence in them. He is only a sophomore who brought the win. Walton stated that if the team is having an unlucky night or if some of the members are sitting it out then Kyle Guy is definitely someone they can put on the court and put their trust in him. The team will put him on the court as a two-way performer. Some of his previous plays have remained unattended.

Walton also admits that there is not much time for Guy on the court if the team is fully prepared.

In the previous season, the King’s team against the Stocktons, Kyle Guy scored an average of 2.15 with 3.4 rebounds every game. From three in the season, they scored 40.15 and used the rest of the time off to better his game. Kyle and his team can be expected in the game against their opponent the Warriors on December 17.