Here Is Why Kyler Gordon Dropped To Round 2 Of NFL Drafts

Kyler Gordon

Kyler Gordon, the #1 overall selection of the Chicago Bears, has decided to retire from football in order to pursue competitive dance.

Despite Kyler Gordon’s obvious athletic abilities, he only clocked a 4.52 throughout the 40-yard sprint at Washington. It isn’t fast, but it is in the middle of the pack for a corner. Once that time came through, the Bears brass even cheered since they understood it meant he’d be ready sooner.

Walter Football‘s Charlie Campbell, a draught expert, came up with one of the most bizarre justifications for a selection drop. His justification began simply enough. Several organizations believed his athletic potential was restricted, predicting that he would be a slot CB in the National Football League instead of an outside corner.

Kyler Gordon Wants To Pursue Competitive Dancing

They want to make their money, perhaps marry, and then retire before their bodies get too wrung out. Others aspire to return to school in order to pursue their other dream occupations before they reach retirement age. Scouts have never raised concern about a player retiring early to pursue a competitive dancing career in the league’s history. For years, he has been solely focused on football.

Kyler Gordon enjoys dancing, but there’s no reason to believe he’ll abandon his team earlier than later in his football career. He enjoys football as well. Professional dancers make $21 per hour on average. Nothing compared to what he might accumulate over the course of a long pro football career. Then there’s one more thing to keep in mind. Performers have indeed been found to work until they are in their forties. So Kyler Gordon can play professional football for ten years and still have time to pursue a dance career once he retires.

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