Maria Andrejczyk Auctions Silver Olympic Medal For Child’s Heart Surgery

maria andrejczyk
maria andrejczyk

It has barely been 2 weeks since Maria Andrejczyk, a javelin thrower from Poland, won her silver medal. Now she has auctioned the medal to raise enough money so that an infant’s life can be saved. On Monday, Maria announced that her fundraiser’s goal has been exceeded.

Maria Andrejczyk’s Humanitarian Cause

There is more good news to add to that. The person who turned out to be the top bidder let her keep the silver medal as well. She had started her auction on 11th Aug, 5 days after getting her event’s silver medal.

In the statement for the auction, she said that the child she was raising funds for was 8 months old, named Milosek Malysa. The boy has to be transferred from Poland to California’s Stanford University. There, there he will have heart surgery to save his life. Maria Andrejczyk was not acquainted with Milosek. However, his parents’ online please moved her heart to take the decision.

Maria Andrejczyk herself has survived cancer. Milosek required 1.5Mn Polish zylots which is approximately $385000. The existing fundraiser set up by the family had already raised half of it. Maria stated that her and Malysa’s mother’s goal was to get the remainder by auctioning the medal.

In 2018, X-Rays had diagnosed Maria with osteosarcoma, cancer that infects bone-forming cells. She needed surgery but was spared chemotherapy. As a result, she could continue practicing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, she had secured fourth place, falling short by only 2 cm.

In Tokyo 2020, her throw measured 64.61 in the 6th August final of the event. Shiying Liu of China had won the gold with a throw of 66.34m.

The top bid was made by Zabka, a Polish chain of convenience stores. On Facebook, Zabka stated that they were moved by Maria Andrejczyk’s noble gesture and thus would not accept her silver medal.