Kylie Jenner Does Makeup For Caitlyn Jenner

Kylie Jenner (left) with Caitlyn
Kylie Jenner with Caitlyn

Kylie Jenner’s makeup chair was finally occupied by her parent Caitlyn Jenner. The then-olympian’s Youtube channel featured her youngest daughter, Kylie, now a mother herself doing her makeup. Caitlyn came out as transgender back in 2015 and reflected on how she had never really foreseen this moment happening. She was 65 years old when she came out. The world’s most famous transgender also spoke about her passion for sports and compared it to Kylie’s passion for Makeup. 

Caitlyn went on about how back in the fifth grade when she was very young, she found her passion in sports. She then said the same thing to Kylie Jenner, saying that she, too, found herself in makeup from a very young age. And this is something everyone who watched KUWTK back too. The young model then replied that she remembered when Caitlyn would yell at her for using makeup and watching Youtube tutorials from back in the day

Caitlyn And Kylie Jenner’s Conversation

Kylie Jenner said that it was the first time she was doing Caitlyn’s makeup. Both of them said to each other that this was the highlight of each of their lives. While the cosmetic mogul was preparing for the session, she admitted that they had been talking about doing this for a while now. And finally, it had happened. She then further spoke to the audience, saying that they had “saved” this moment for us all as it was her first time doing her dad’s makeup. 

Caitlyn then followed this up with a question, asking her daughter whether she had imagined this day to ever happen. Kylie Jenner said no but then asked the same question to Cait. To that, he replied that he was over 65 of age and had “raised everybody” before she could even come through all of this. She then said after it all; it was her time to live her life and be herself. 

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