Paul Gosar Killing Ocasio-Cortez Anime: Kevin McCarthy Doesn’t Condemn Arizona Republican Representative

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader says he has spoken to Paul Gosar over the violent anime depicting the Arizona Representative killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D), and attacking President Biden. The tweet by the Arizona Representative isn’t going to make things any better given that he had also supported the insurrection.

The photoshopped anime depicts his character attacking and killing Ocasio-Cortez and also attacking the President. Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, has called on the House Ethics Committee and law enforcement authorities to investigate the video.

Gosar deleted the violent tweet but has defended it in a statement. He said that the video had depicted a symbolic battle between lawful and unlawful policies. He maintained that the hero goes after the policy monster that ensures open borders. Kevin McCarthy has said that he has spoken to Gosar about the tweet and only added that it has since been deleted.

Kevin McCarthy took CNN that the Arizona Republican had taken the anime down and stated that he was not for violence against anyone. He said that he had called Gosar when he came to know of the violent video and that he had made a statement about not supporting violence.

Gosar’s Past Antics Were Also Not Censured By Kevin McCarthy

A resolution was introduced by the House Democrats to censure the Republican Representative for tweeting the anime. It remains unclear if it will go to a floor vote.

While Democratic leaders have mulled options to punish him, with censuring being the leading option. There is also talk about taking away his committee assignment.

Kevin McCarthy’s refusal to condemn Gosar over his symbolic support of the has also not gone down well with Democrats.

It took more than a week for Kevin McCarthy to comment on the tasteless video, and it was a reaction that was as overdue as it was underwhelming. But nowhere did he criticize or condemn Gosar for the Arizonian’s antics.

Gosar has in the recent past spoken at a white nationalist meeting calling for the protection of the ‘White demographic core’ and mocking the January riots as ‘awesome.’ Kevin McCarthy had failed to rebuke Gosar even then.

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