Britney Spears #FreeBritney Movement Gains Validity From New Documentary

britney spears
britney spears

Framing Britney Spears is a new documentary by the New York Times covering her highly controversial battle of conservatorship with her father. Like this, several other documentaries or docu-series have helped to bring a spotlight on massively public cases. Some of them include “The Jinx” or “Making A Murder.” Hence, this documentary is sure to help you raise questions about the star’s life and the battle for her freedom. 

The conservatorship of Britney Spears started back in 2008. This means she was under her dad, Jamie Spears, who controls quite literally every aspect of her life, including her finances. Last November, the princess of pop officially lost a bid to free herself from this conservatorship and remove her father as her life’s in charge. Jamie Spears still has control of her life but as a co-conservator. The other co-conservator of the pop royalty include Bessemer Trust, a financial firm. The judge, however, didn’t rule out any other future petitions for the removal or suspension of Jamie. 

#FreeBritney Asks For Britney Spears’ Freedom By Fans

Britney Spears’ fans call themselves Britney Army. They began the #FreeBritney movement, believing her father has been controlling her life and career against her own will. The hashtag gained immediate success and went viral around social media networks. Her diehard fans also have made a rally right outside the court building in her support, with banners and chants in the singer’s support.

The film also showcases Britney Spears as strong-willed, independent, and resilient. It documents, as well, the misogynistic era of the 90s as well as the 2000s, in the early years of her career. NYT’s Samantha Stark is the filmmaker behind the lens.

She said that the family of Spears did not take part in this film as they were bracing themselves for another hearing regarding the case. It is normal for advocates to ask their clients not to speak to the media before the proceedings occur.