Kyrie Irving Shies Away From Media Day To Avoid NYC’s Proof-Of-Vaccine Protocol

kyrie irving
kyrie irving

Local COVID-19 protocols in place in New York have kept Kyrie Irving away from media day. It appears that he has not been vaccinated yet. He is part of a lengthy list of NBA players NBA who have refused to be vaccinated. They include Jonathan Issac, Andrew Wiggins, and Bradley Beal, who has stayed away from the needle.

NBA doesn’t require its players to be vaccinated. The NBA star stayed away from the Nets on media day at the start of the week. Kyrie Irving refused to talk over his vaccination position. If not vaccinated, he could be forced to stay out of the Nets’ home games for this season.

Kyrie Irving informed reporters that he would want this issue to stay private. He said that he would be present every day to support his teammates, as he was among the team ‘leaders.’

He said that it was time to stay focused, and he did not want to create any distractions.

Kyrie Irving And Several Other Players Have Refused To Get Vaccinated

The new law in New York disallows pro athletes from participating in indoor games if they have not been vaccinated. Kyrie Irving has time and again requested privacy on this issue. He said that he was striving to maintain it with a good heart and good intentions.

The nets play their initial pre-season on October 8 at Barclays’ Center. The main season starts only on October 19. The Brooklyn Nets are to play against the Bucks in an away game.

Rolling Stone has stated that between 50 and 60 players who are part of the NBA are yet to get even their first vaccination dose.

The NBA had reported that last week it refused a request for exemption from Wiggins of Golden State. He, too, faces regulation at San Francisco, preventing him from playing or even participating in home games for the Warriors till he has received both doses of the vaccination.

More steps could be in the offing as unvaccinated players could face testing, plus stay isolated in a separate zone inside locker rooms, team planes, and team meetings.

Players have alluded to ‘personal reasons to stay away from vaccinations. Washington’s Beal has also given identical reasons. He has said that he would be protected as he had already had about of COVID-19 that caused him to miss the Olympics in Tokyo.

Isaac of Orlando has said that everyone had a ‘God-given right’ to choose if the shot is necessary for them.