Anderson Cooper Will Not Leave His Son A Fortune

anderson cooper
anderson cooper

Anderson Cooper is the latest addition to a list of famous and rich people who have publicly announced their intention not to leave a massive inheritance for their children.

Anderson Cooper Believes Inheritances Are Bad For Children

Anderson Cooper, the anchor on CNN, and the expired Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, has stated that he will not be leaving any kind of pots of gold after his death for the son he has. Rather, Cooper said that he will do the same thing his mother had done for him. Copper said that Vanderbilt had once said to him that she will pay for college, but that is it. After that, Anderson Cooper will have to earn his own fortune in life.

Anderson Cooper, 54, said that he did not believe in leaving huge inheritances. He was talking on the most recent podcast episode of “Morning Meeting”. He was also there to promote his latest book regarding the Vanderbilts. Cooper said that he himself does not have much interest in money. As such, he has no intention of leaving his son any kind of gold pots.

Anderson Cooper had recently become a dad in 2020 April. Reportedly, his annual salary at CNN is about $12Mn, as per Yahoo Finance. Previously, when he had appeared on a radio program hosted by Howard Stern, he had said that large inheritances remove the drive for success in a person. In 2104, he said that he thought of inheritances as curses and remove the need to take initiative.

Cooper is not alone at all in this view. Recently, a survey revealed that 70% of American millionaires are worried about leaving large inheritances for their children. Warren Buffet, the investor, and Daniel Craig, the actor, had also claimed to have similar opinions on inheritances. 

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