GOP’s Ronna McDaniel Declares All Candidates To Pledge Support To Party Nominee Before Debate

Ronna McDaniel

Ronna McDaniel, the GOP National Committee Chairperson, has maintained that primary-level candidates should pledge loyalty to the winning candidate. The GOP plans to ask 2024 presidential candidates to pledge their support in writing for the eventual nominee.

All 2024 presidential candidates will be asked to pledge their total support for the eventual nominee, Ronna McDaniel said. Her suggestion has not been embraced even by former President Donald Trump. All candidates who do not agree to the pledge will not be allowed to participate in future debates sponsored by the GOP during the state presidential nominating contests, the GOP chairperson said.

McDaniel termed the whole issue a ‘no-brainer,’ she said that any candidate who is going to be on the GOP National Committee debate stage requesting voters to back them should also support the choice of the voters in choosing the nominee. Trump is a popular candidate within the GOP but faces a stiff challenge in his 2024 bid for the White House. His contenders to the throne include Nikki Haley, who too has refused to back the ultimate nominee of the GOP.

Ronna McDaniel’s Pledge Is Difficult To Sign For Some As Trump Would Be Part Of The Campaign

In an interview, Trump said that it would all depend on who the nominee was. But Ronna McDaniel says that all candidates, including the former President, would have to back the pledge, and it would prove vital in healing divisions within the GOP and presenting a unified front.

Ronna McDaniel said that candidates would not be part of the debate stage. The former governor of Arkansas has also criticized the pledge of loyalty demanded of presidential candidates. She has said that it would be difficult for her to give the pledge because she was openly critical of Trump for his attack on the Capitol on January 6 and his role in trying to negate the 2020 presidential election results.