Kyrie Irving Under Fire For Sharing Alex Jones Video

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving follows conspiracy theories with great attention, and that has come to the forefront.

“Kyrie-ing” before a game might be in reference to dusting a little burning sage on the court, or it could mean disputing preconceptions about the real nature of the planets.

The week had seen conspiracy theories and Alex Jones’ teachings piquing the interest of the Nets’ SG.

A video was posted from Kyrie Irving‘s insta account, which was previously posted by “The Free Thought Project”.

Alex Jones Piqued Kyrie Irving’s Interest

Alex Jones stated that there were oligarchies throughout history, and there were hidden societies, and rotten empires, in the respective video. He also added that, in 2002, a tyrannical organization known as “The New World Order” was also booming.

The Free Thought Project’s post has the wordings “Alex Jones attempted to warn us” and mentions Jones with the forecast of “CVD-1984.”

Irving, who is a skeptic related to vaccinations who previously characterized himself as a “martyr” for not getting inoculated against COVID-19, observed an immediate response to his tale once it was republished.

The NBA All-Star drew a lot of flak for his agreement with somebody who recently had to apologize, mid-court for telling his followers that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School never happened.