Lady Kitty Spencer And Michael Lewis Ties Knot

Lady Kitty Spencer
Lady Kitty Spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer has a royal inheritance. She is the niece of Princess Diana. She has recently decided to tie the knot. She married the love of her life, Michael Lewis. In a sumptuous wedding, both of them vowed to be together. The gala event took place in Italy. Many friends were invited to the marriage. Families of the couple were also present during the marriage. 

Lady Kitty Spencer Marries At Aldo Brandini In Style

Princess Diana’s niece was spotted to tie the knot. She has married Michael Lewis. The wedding ceremony was held in Italy. A luxurious venue was decided for the event. The event was hosted at the grand Villa Aldo Brandini. This was located near Frascati.

Spencer’s husband is 62 years of age. He is a fashion millionaire. The ceremony was carried on in the presence of friends and members of the family. The news of the marriage was first dropped by a famous newspaper in London. In January of 2020, the news of the couple marrying was confirmed. Spencer also switched to Judaism earlier. This marriage was Michael’s second. 

Spencer always kept her relationship very much private. She believed that relationships are something that deserves privacy. She also stated that feared these things to be made public. Revealing her personal life to the mass made her feel insecure. She did not want any outside interference to hamper their love life. 

Lady Kitty Spencer wore an adorable wedding dress. The white gown was designed by Dolce & Gabanna. She shared insights into her dress by posting on Instagram. Her wedding was attended by all her siblings. She held the hands of Samuel Aitken as she walked down the ramp. 

However, both Prince Harry & Prince William did not turn up for Lady Kitty Spencer’s big day. Pixie Lott, Mark Vandelli & the wife of Idris Elba we’re among other noticeable guests.