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andrew mccabe

Andrew McCabe, Ex-FBI Director, Gets Back His Pension

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, dismissed by Donald Trump days before he was set to retire. McCabe has got back his full pension...
joe rogan

Joe Rogan And CNN’S Sanjay  Gupta Face-Off Over Use Of Prescribed Drug

Joe Rogan and Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN had a long discussion spanning 3 hours about COVID-19, the vaccine, and the difference between human...
the last duel

The Last Duel: Ridley Scott Moves On To The Revenge Saga With Matt Damon

It could turn out to be the best movie in Ridley Scott’s vaunted career as he builds upon a strong female character to deliver...
robert durst

Life Sentence For Robert Durst: Circumstantial Evidence Enough

Robert Durst was convicted of 1st-degree murder as prosecutors convinced the court that he had shot Berman back in 2000 at her home. The...
bill clinton

Bill Clinton Recovers From Infection: Still Hospitalized But On The Mend

Bill Clinton, former American President, was in the hospital for a mild urinary tract infection. He was admitted to the Irvine Medical Center in...