Whip James Clyburn Prefers “Good” Bill Over “Perfect” Bill

James Clyburn
James Clyburn

Whip James Clyburn, the House Majority, gave a statement on the legislation with regard to the policing reform. The statement given by him was directed to the members of the Democratic party. It was stated that they should not be delaying the newly introduced legislation even after knowing the fact that there is an absence of the provision that deals with civil law. To be precise, the law mentioned by Whip James Clyburn lacks the provision of bringing an end to the protection of civil lawsuits that are enjoyed by police officers as of now. The House Majority added that the absent provision can be dealt with by the party at any given time. 

Whip James Clyburn Wants To Pass The Bill

The Democrat from the state of South Carolina spoke on the show of a news channel platform. He talked about preferring good to perfect. Whip James Clyburn stated that he was someone who would never give up on “good” for the sake of “perfect.” referring to the legislation, the Democratic politician stated that the legislation was a “good one” despite a few provisions. And so it would be better if the politicians came forth and passed it. Whip James Clyburn stated that it does no harm in compromising sometimes. He concluded by stating that he would hate for his party to let the good bill go to waste just because it is not a “perfect” bill. 

The push for the bill in question and that too from one of the top Democrats in the US Congress creates a contradictory situation. That’s Because, as per the progressives from the same party, it had been stated that the legislation will not be advanced if there had to be any sort of compromises. The issue of the police officers getting protected from lawsuits has been the talk of the table for both parties.