Laura Prepon Expresses Her Pride On Being A Mother

Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon expressed her joy and pride in becoming a mother. She has recently given birth to her daughter. The age of her daughter is sixteen months. Earlier, Prepon gave birth to a boy child as well. He is now four years of age. Prepon stated in an interview that she was very much proud to be a mother. Laura said she wanted to embrace motherhood with both hands. Becoming a mother has changed and affected her life in many ways. The actress is married to Ben Foster. Foster is also a talented actor in Hollywood. Prepon has appeared in movies like “Orange Is The New Black” and “That 70s Show”. 

Laura Prepon Quits Scientology 

The life of Laura Prepon seems to have changed drastically.  Becoming a mother has impacted the life of the actress in so many ways. The actress stated that she has learned a lot of life lessons after becoming a mother. Laura learned to look at different aspects of life. 

Prepon opened up about her relationship with her mother. As a child, the actress did not share a good ratio with her mother. She suffered from a rare illness that led her to overeat. However, the star managed to overcome her shortcomings. She now led a perfectly normal life. Laura was praised for courageously sharing her life story. 

Laura Prepon stated that she quit practicing Scientology. She used to be fond of Scientology but it has been five years since she gave up. Laura expressed her nervousness initially after giving birth. However, gradually she learned to embrace her duties. Prepon shared her daughter’s liking towards mermaids. Laura also revealed that her son is very much fond of making new friends. Prepon is leading a much simpler life as a mother nowadays. She is concentrating more on the proper upbringing of her kids. 

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