Travis Kelce Reverts To The Reaction Of Social Media On His New Look

travis kelce
travis kelce

After having a shaved mustache, Travis Kelce showed at the practice of City Chiefs with a fresh-shaven face on Monday. This was a long way from a thick beard that the fans are accustomed to seeing on the face of this champ from the Super Bowl.

Beard, or having any form of facial hair is somewhat tricky. It can change your appearance dramatically, and not everyone has the ability to carry it off in style. Travis Kelce was one of the men who sported a beard for a long time. Removing it has made a significant change in his appearance. 

This caused the fans to be disappointed with the grooming choice of Travis Kelce, and they started complaining about their displeasure by taking to Twitter. They pointed out that Travis Kelce bore a remarkable similarity with Will Ferrel had the actor been involved in playing the role of a football player for a movie. 

Travis took instant action after paying heed to the complaints brought up by his fans and put out a tweet with a beard sketched over his shaven face. 

Travis Kelce With And Without Beard

Travis Kelce has always been regarded as an athlete with unparalleled confidence and swagger. This has also contributed significantly to the success of the player. His appearance also had a role to play, which got altered by the absence of his well-known beard.

When the tight end of the Chiefs appeared in the training camp, he looked different with just his mustache, which he had kept for celebrating what is known as “Mustache Mondays”. After their victory over the 49ers in NFL, Travis Kelce decided to completely remove the existence of any facial hair, and achieve a clean shave. When the reporters asked about the beard’s absence, Kelce just said that he had forgotten to “put it on”.

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